Jan 31, 2018 IN Pixel Games

How to use the new Support and Forum Platform

Eva Pavlovičová
Social Media Manager

The Support form you have been using to contact our lovely Community Managers and Forum have been optimized to bring you a brand new Support experience! After choosing your favorite game, you will be able to search your issues directly through a search bar or we will guide you through your issue with the help of some categories tailored to the most frequent requests.

1. Searching for your issue

Just start typing and we will search your issue in the forum of your favorite game. Please, make sure to keep your search-words short and to type the names of specific items in English. We are working on making articles available in other languages too!


2. Using Categories

Categories can guide your way to find suggested articles or at least to let your Community Managers know more about your issue. It is important to know that the more details you provide the faster the response will be.


Every game has its specific categories, but the basics are the same. Gameplay issues are all in-game issues that help you progress and even make your progression faster! Technical issues are those that prevent you from entering your favorite game. :( In case you have questions about Payments, the third option is for you. In case you don’t know, select Other.

We will then proceed to ask you a few questions - try to answer these as well as you can :) Again if you don’t know - don’t worry and choose Other. We will attempt to you help you anyway!

We hope that this new system will bring you a better understanding of your game and help you answer all of your questions swiftly.

Happy Digging!